Program: Podium architecture + landscape,

commercial area, parking lot for

a mixed used development
Phase: Competition
Location: Saigon
In charge of: Preliminary design


The site is located in Ho Chi Minh City and enjoys views of the Saigon river. It is adjacent to the future District 2 administrative hub. The concept is inspired from the vernacular landscape of Vietnam and it's rice fields. The podium is designed to evoke a softness in contrast to the industrialised urban context of the site.


Greenery and landscape extends over several layers of the parking and retail creating an interesting visual of rather mundane programmes.


The landscape concept draws inspiration from the natural walkways created along a meandering river. Taking from the name given to the project "Beau Rivage" the landscape attempts to evoke an experience of walking along the riverside. The experience includes walking along a bamboo garden, palm gardens, floating pavilions. A similar approach is extended to the ground floor evoking a forest experience.




MELIE VAN REETH *Architecture Eco-conçue // Maîtrise d'Oeuvre // Audit Energétique