Program: Pilot project of 4 ECO-Houses

Company: MBC Architectes, France
In charge of: Concept & Cost Issue


In 2009, I created and developped the concept of  «ECO-DWELLINGS= ECO-nomical + ECO-logical» in co-op work with National Superior Architecture School of Grenoble and MBC architects. The project was successfully presented to a jury of pairs in order to obtain a post-master  «Degree of accreditation to manage architectural projects in one’s own name» compulsory for registration with French Board of Architects. The full study explains how to integrate cost issue as early as preliminary design phase to achieve a truly ecological AND
economical architecture.


The private developper budget was tight and fixed. A green mark was is goal. Our challenge, how to combine ecology and economy? Adopt solutions that are energy saving:


-Compacity and wall optimization: rectangular simple shape adaptable to different materials with sufficient natural light.


-Ground preservation: no underground parking lots. How to design a carporch that don’t look like a wart on the house shape? By locating it to ensure the house privacy as it blocks the view to the neighboor. Buffer space, it can have
different usages.


-Height reduction: means less materials, less trucks, less pollution, faster construction.

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