Program: District Cooling System (DCS)
Realization: 2014/17
Site area: 3.04 hectares
In charge of: Preliminary design, competition’s tender documents


The DCS plant has been designed to be built in 4 phases in order to satisfy the annual increment of chilled water load required for the new Data Center Park in Jurong, Singapore. A simple and compact rectangular shape building has been chosen and systematised to help reduce construction cost and optimized buildings’ footprints. The result is a harmonious and modern industrial project with a sense of continuity between the 4 phases/buildings. We played with cheap and industrial materials, such as polycarbonate and metallic profiles, to create this “Tetris” look.


AG-INGO - Singapore


MELIE VAN REETH *Architecture Eco-conçue // Maîtrise d'Oeuvre // Audit Energétique