Program: Transformation & renovation of an existing building into a hostel

Realization: 2012/2013

Building area:700sqm

In charge of: preliminary design to detailed drawings


This project was a challenge as we needed to fit an important number of beds in an existing building not adapted to this usage at all: huge beams and pillars were everywhere and didn’t leave much space to house a satisfying number of regular beds. Therefore, a pod bed concept was the best solution in term of space, look but also in term of users’ privacy.

Common areas’ materiality is a mix between cold raw concrete and warm unpolished wood to give an industrial vintage atmosphere to the place. Walls are painted with stencils representing famous characters like Bruce Lee or Bob Marley.



AG-INGO - Singapore

MELIE VAN REETH *Architecture Eco-conçue // Maîtrise d'Oeuvre // Audit Energétique