Program: Port of Singapore’s Authority new offices, canteen, containers gates and link-way

Realization: 2014/15

Building area: 10 440sqm

In charge of: Preliminary design + Competition’s tender documents


At a master planning scale, the 1st storey “bridge” above containers gates articulates various users’ requirements, from public space to private office space; it features well defined pedestrian paths that allow users to cross the entire site seamlessly. The building’s heart is the sheltered courtyard which function is to gather people coming from all parts of the site in a nice environment, green and open to the breeze. Users will have a direct access to this central spot whether they come from the open car parks, motorcycle’ parking, bus drop-off point or metro station. The 8-storeys glass office building has been design to “float” above this strong link-way element. The covered bridge structure will isolate the office building from the noise and vibrations coming from the containers gates at street level.





AG-INGO - Singapore

MELIE VAN REETH *Architecture Eco-conçue // Maîtrise d'Oeuvre // Audit Energétique